About me. Gustau Donat.

I live in Valencia. I studied Fine Arts and Philosophy. I have been a teacher of drawing and painting in various workshops. I am currently in the exercise of painting. 

Gustau Donat.

My idea about drawing

Cinema, photography, sculpture, or any type of art have their own characteristics. Photography is essential in my work, and I use it constantly in my drawings, but the model of the drawing is the drawing itself. The drawing also has its own characteristics, its own beauty, and it is not my desire to imitate photography. I like lines, strokes, spots, gestures, textures ... on paper or on canvas.
I live in Valencia. I studied Fine Arts and Philosophy. I have been a professor of drawing and painting in several workshops for many years. My great passion is painting and drawing, and I am currently working on developing my concerns in these areas.
My work is distributed among clients from different countries: Italy, France, Germany, United States, Australia, United Kingdom, Holland, New Zealand, China, Japan, Spain, Belgium ...
I only sell original works signed by me; no digital prints or prints. Give yourself the pleasure of having an original work. Give a work of art.
The works are packaged properly so that they arrive in perfect condition to your hands.
INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/gay_art_drawings_/